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It’s A New Day at Broward Days

We are excited about the new direction Broward Days is heading into the 2018 Legislative Session! Along with new leadership and informational structure the level of opportunity for involvement for participants is transforming Broward Days! The new leadership has the institutional knowledge along with the dedications and energy to bring Broward Days into the new era of Legislative Awareness and local involvement. The Broward Legislative Delegation has made a commitment to Broward County, the Broward League of Cities, the business community, non-profits and all of Broward County to make sure our policy makers in Tallahassee know the Broward story. The impact teams will ensure our decision makers have the tools they need to make the most informed decisions on behalf of Broward County in the critical hours while in Tallahassee.

Broward Insight

Year round discussions and networking opportunities in Broward will be the focus outside of the actual Broward Days events in Tallahassee. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with in depth discussions with every level of Broward County government. Our goal is the make Broward Days the one stop informational hub where citizens, government, industry, non-profits and our entire community can come together to discuss and promote solutions facing Broward County. Those solutions can be presented to the decision makers to be brought to the table in Tallahassee.